pühapäev, 19. detsember 2010

The Networked World

I will write an English post because its needed by one course, Ethics and law in new media. Its really late, I know.

I decided to take look at topic: The Networked World.

Computers have been networked for 40 years, for 20 years the network have been playing important role. Cyberpunk science fiction from 80's on have been fruitful in painting terrifying picture. Network has been both nightmare and destiny for humans. In Star Trek Borg civilization persons lost individual consciousness to form something much greater. Or lost everything personal.

In reality, network is not removing personality, it augments it. Shares information, connects people. Open information may benefit everyone, it wont allow us to invent wheel 10 000 times. But in closed source industry we are forced to invent "the wheel" again and again. Economy cant be sustainable when we need to reinvent things again, shared knowledge helps to produce more ideas and advance science.

Networked world helps us to destroy walls, we should not afraid to to it - in most cases walls are not helpful. Only separating and holding us back in stone age.

Most of mankind history has been shadowed by lack of networks. Many-many things has had to invented many timed - in China, in Greece or anywhere else. More people, better roads, fewer political obstacles and civilization could boom - like happend in Ancient Greece or Roman Empire. But lack of communication, dvivided political systems meant a way down, middle ages, lack of networking. In 21th century we are nearing edge of human limits, we must use all possibilities to speed up advancement, including opening and better networking.

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